Anne-Charlotte Harvey and Maury Bernstein

Anne-Charlotte Harvey has access to the master recordings for the festival albums.

The University of Augsburg published on YouTube extracts from the festival album Return to Snoose Boulevard

The American Swedish Institute in Minneapolis has eight boxes of material from Maury Bernstein’s estate:

  1. 18 audio tape reels of 1973, 1975, 1977 Snoose Boulevard Festival
  2. 35 audio tape reels of Olle I Skratthult productions
  3. Personal papers of Maury Bernstein: correspondence, financial, publicity photos, photographs
  4. Photographs of Anne-Charlotte Harvey, musicians, performers
  5. 10 cassette tapes and 1 reel-to-reel tape
  6. 14 audio reels of Memories of Snoose Boulevard, and Anne-Charlotte Harvey album cover
  7. 5 video cassetts of Snoose Boulevard, 37 audio tapes of interviews, Scandinavian humor, etc.
  8. 20 copies of Swedish Emigrant Ballads by Robert Wright, University of Nebraska, 1965; 12 stand-up publicity posters for the Snoose Boulevard Festival

Linda Gammell, a photographer, has color slides of the festival in her archive.